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Tomadoinagara, bokutachi wa futashikana michi sagashite...

Tomadoinagara: Lady__ishtar's translation
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Arashi and other Japanese media translations
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とまどいながら僕達は 不確かな道探して
Tomadoi nagara bokutachi wa futashika na michi sagashite
In a haze of confusion, we're searching for an uncertain path

Here you'll find lady__ishtar's translations ♥

Mostly Arashi, but I also work on Breakerz, NewS, Secilia Luna and other Japanese music and entertainment-related stuff. I translate lyrics, articles, blogs and other bits and pieces that catch my attention. I also may occasionally post media like pictures and scans.

Can't promise regular updates, but whenever I have the time (or am procrastinating over my studies!) I'll be posting. So feel free to join! Membership isn't moderated.

As for RULES... it's just the obvious stuff. Please don't repost or claim any of my translations as your own. And if you can, leave a quick comment on anything you read. That'll help me work out what's most popular, and I can translate more of what people want to see! I always like reading other peoples' opinions on the articles too - so please feel free to share your thoughts. And point out my typos. Ahem. ^^;

If you'd like to re-translate into another language, feel free, but please let me know and link back here. And bear in mind lots of things can be lost in translation - never mind double-translation. So re-translate at your own risk! ;)

Finally, please don't rely on my translations being perfect - I'm nowhere near native-level so I'll no doubt make occasional mistakes! Sorry u_u;

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